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The market was slightly down on Friday, but it was still a great week.
Today's category: FaithThe Pious Woman A flood was on its way, forcing everyone to evacuate. The police rowed up to the most pious woman in town and said, "Ma'am, you have to leave this house! People are dying out here!" The woman replied, "No, I'm not leaving. God has always helped me before, and He will do it again." So as the water started to rise, she went to the second story of her house. Another boat came by, and the captain yelled, "Ma'am, you have to get on this boat or you're going to drown!" The woman replied again, "No, God helped me before, and He will do it again." The water rose even higher. This time she went to the top of the roof, where a helicopter came and hovered overhead. The pilot called into his loudspeaker, "Please climb aboard, ma'am. You are going to drown!" The women sniffed and again replied, "God is going to save me!" But the water rose higher, and soon she drowned to death. She went to Heaven, and there she asked God, "Why didn't you save me, O Lord?" And God replied, "I did help--I sent you two boats and a helicopter!"View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
Though its economic heft has declined, its surplus savings are felt around the world
The bloc of big emerging economies is surprisingly good at keeping its promises
Passengers should prepare for more delays and cancellations
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