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THE one-percenters are now gobbling up more of the pie in America‚ÄĒthat much is well known. This trend, though disconcerting, is not unique to the modern era. A new study, by Timothy Kohler of Washington State University and 17 others, finds that inequality may well have been rising for several thousand years, at least in some parts of the world. The scholars examined 63 archaeological sites and estimated the levels of wealth inequality in the societies whose remains were dug up, by studying the distributions of house sizes.As a measure they used the Gini coefficient (a perfectly equal society would have a Gini coefficient of zero). It rose from about 0.2 around 8000BC in Jerf el-Ahmar, on the Euphrates in modern-day Syria, to 0.5 in around 79AD in Pompeii. Data on burial goods, though sparse, point to similar trends.The researchers suggest agriculture is to blame. The nomadic lifestyle is not conducive to wealth accumulation. Only when humans switched to farming did people...Continue reading
Plus, 10 things small-business owners should demand from lawmakers in the final bill.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the House of Representatives passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1). Family Research Council (FRC) announced it supports Chairman Kevin Brady's (R-TX) Tax Cuts and Jobs Act due to multiple tax reform provisions that directly benefit the family and free speech. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would increase the child tax credit, expand education savings accounts to include unborn children, provide for free speech fairness for all nonprofits including churches and faith based groups, remove most marriage penalties and includes an adoption tax credit....
Today's category: MistakesDinner Date¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ The homeowner was delighted with the way the painter had done all the work on his house. "You did a great job." he said and handed the man a check. "Also, in order to thank-you, here's an extra $80 to take the missus out to dinner and a movie."¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ Later that night, the doorbell rang and it was the painter. Thinking the man had forgotten something he asked, "What's the matter, did you forget something?"¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ "Nope." replied the painter. "I'm just here to take your missus out to dinner and a movie like you asked."View hundreds more jokes online.Email this joke to a friend
A Tax Bill Tanks Giving November 17, 2017 Before the House and Senate flew home for Thanksgiving, they got plenty of practice carving up something else: the U.S. tax code. As usual, Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) chamber got the jump on their Senate neighbors by passing a basket of major ...
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