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Five factors you should consider before buying one of these doughnut shops.
From the cost of doing business to trends in the franchise, here are five facts to help you determine if a Jimmy John's franchise is for you.
The owner of The Learning Experience explains how his plan for small, sustained growth slowly grew into a robust franchise operation with a national presence.
Amol Kohli used to wash dishes at Friendly's as a teenager. Today, he's an owner.
These low-cost franchises are worth your time, energy and investment.
Are you a natural salesperson? Then take full advantage with a retail franchise.
With aggressive expansion strategies and low membership costs, fitness clubs are looking to rapidly expand -- and franchisees are lining up to get in on the action.
At one point, ice cream and soap was sold at the Krispy Kreme locations.
Brands you can depend on across the globe.
Nothing says fall like a warm cup of coffee and a hot, delicious meal.
Here are the strongest brands in franchising for 2017, ranked.
If you're considering hiring a mentor for your franchise business, consider this key factors.
Don't just sell a product -- make a tangible difference in someone's life.
Every business wants its community's support. These two Buffalo Wild Wings owners earned it by supporting their community first.
If you want to start your own business and love pizza, this is the article for you.
Not all square feet are alike when it comes to renting property; know the differences before you sign a lease on your next space.
These owners share how their franchise thrived in an industry with strict safety regulations (and nervous parents).
Work for yourself while managing the inherent risk of entrepreneurship.
With technology disrupting the world of franchise, use the tools from these three books to stay innovative with your business.
Some franchises aren't satisfied with conquering just one nation.
A look at the best companies who started franchising in 2012 or later.
While international franchising opportunities are booming, franchisors must make adjustments.
Follow these steps to develop the most effective leadership skills for your franchise business.
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