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Tech has never been more popular. Here's how you can hop on the trend.
The Melting Pot's new program 'Path to Grow' helps managers become franchise owners.
With spring cleaning in full swing, you can start your new business off with a bang by buying one of these home-cleaning franchises.
A look at what sets the best apart from the rest
Meet the top franchises of the year across different business categories, from pets to lodging.
When you purchase a franchise, you'll most likely be doing business with some outside vendors. Find out what you're legally responsible for.
A quick look at the promises, rights or duties that the franchisee or franchisor owes to the other
A marine and firefighter got a second career making others feel at home.
The trial inspired a special foundation -- one that's been instrumental in developing a base of franchisees.
The world's a strange place. A place where self-driving cars came before a hotdog-hamburger food combo and Cheetos Chicken Fries.
Niche markets are tricky. This entrepreneur learned the hard way.
From fashion shows to 11-inch 'footlongs,' these pieces of trivia may make your jaw drop enough to fit one of the restaurant's signature sandwiches.
Entrepreneurship was plan B for Chicago Bears offensive lineman Tafa Jefferson.
From its legendary flavor graveyard to its iconic cow on its packaging, we want to test your Ben & Jerry's trivia for National Ice Cream month.
Once your first business succeeds, it's easy to get complacent. Ask yourself what you should do next.
After launching the restaurant in 2003, a father and son duo set out to make their Mexican-food concept a franchise.
This company helps folks get a snapshot of the big game.
Customers loved these franchises once before. New owners are betting they will again.
Make the jump from one franchise unit to a multi-unit empire.
People often think that opening a franchise means no extra marketing efforts and guaranteed success. Well, they're wrong.
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