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Accidental franchises are a trap for the unwary -- and the trap is sure to attract cannabis entrepreneurs looking for a quick footing in the burgeoning cannabis industry.
Starting any business can be risky, but startups in particular deal with these six aspects.
McDonald's on Friday fired its CEO, Steve Easterbrook, for violating its policy of having a relationship with an employee.
Papa John's founder and former CEO John Schnatter slammed the pizza chain he founded in an interview with local news.
If you're thinking about buying a franchise operation, here are three key benefits of buying into franchise opportunities.
Don't lay down any cash until you've carefully evaluated the most common risks you might face when buying a franchise.
Once you've narrowed your franchise choices to a few – or a few dozen – it's time to investigate these informational options.
Once you have a few franchises in mind, you'll be talking to a franchise rep from each company. Here's the skinny on how that phone call should go.
These low-cost franchises are worth your time, energy and investment.
Think you can't afford to be your own boss? Think again.
Navigate 'discovery day' with this list of questions that will make sure you learn all the essential information you need before you shake hands.
Talk to these three people -- who are more likely to tell you 'no' -- before handing over your hard-earned cash for a franchise business.
Colonel Sanders's newest incarnation is fiercely defending the fried chicken chain's 11 blends of herbs and spices.
For franchises, a blend of concepts, geography and margins are key to surviving economic downturns.
Join our experts as they discuss the steps to getting the most out of your franchise organization by maximizing efficiencies in all five departments of your business.
Three important steps can save your business for the future.
Which of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 entries is the cheapest, and which is most expensive?
When a business is running at its peak in all areas, efficiency and profitability increase exponentially.
Every decision made by any leader impacts the overall brand and all of its parts.
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