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These owners share how their franchise thrived in an industry with strict safety regulations (and nervous parents).
Work for yourself while managing the inherent risk of entrepreneurship.
With technology disrupting the world of franchise, use the tools from these three books to stay innovative with your business.
Some franchises aren't satisfied with conquering just one nation.
A look at the best companies who started franchising in 2012 or later.
While international franchising opportunities are booming, franchisors must make adjustments.
Follow these steps to develop the most effective leadership skills for your franchise business.
Create growth strategies for your franchise by focusing on five key areas: Leadership, Finance, Operation, Marketing and Technology.
Be your own boss and work in your own house.
Learn what factors determine which franchise model is right for your business.
The best of the best from 'Entrepreneur's Franchise 500' list.
A recruiting firm founder knows a new job can change everything -- even for her franchisees.
Pups gets a free doggy bagel, when their owners purchase an item.
Discover four key reasons you should get into the healthcare franchise business.
A good franchisor wants to make a deal that works for both parties -- but a lot of them just want to make a quick sale.
Incorporate these three strategies in your franchise system to recruit veterans striving for civilian success.
Since escaping Iran, Nick Nasrollahi is now part-owner of seven Checkers locations.
Franchise brands can realize much more of their market share if they embrace these key concerns of millennials.
Fast-food franchises often get a bad rap for being slow to change, but this time they find themselves in the unique position of being among the first in the food-service realm to make a major investment in automation.
While the franchise model has expanded into almost every type of business imaginable, franchises based around food remain an industry cornerstone.
Tech has never been more popular. Here's how you can hop on the trend.
The Melting Pot's new program 'Path to Grow' helps managers become franchise owners.
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