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By tapping into a rich person's need to give up some control in order to eliminate stress, you can make your target market happy and improve sales. Find out how.
Bubba's Fine Foods originally sported a bearded man on its packaging, but have since switched to a more appealing monkey in a fedora.
As an entrepreneur, there are certain candidates and changes you want to see succeed. How will the digital world you use everyday be a factor?
Promotional-only social media, paper-based marketing and poorly produced videos are on the "no-no" list. And who can forget that "Domino's Forever" campaign?
By confronting the issue head-on, the startup regained its customers' trust.
Email marketing automation drives more conversions and higher ROI. Here are 5 easy ways to do it.
Find out how to use Amazon's demand-side platform to target your customers wherever they are online.
Use these three tips to pull off the kind of immersive, dynamic storytelling that even the most ad-shunning of consumers will find hard to ignore.
Potential clients can't hire you if they can't find you. Build a bridge to yourself -- and to your business.
Check out how to get free lunch (yes, it does exist) at Chick-fil-A today, and at other restaurants throughout the year.
For programmers, building that dream app is a true passion project. But passion alone won't turn an app into a success.
Check out how this marketing strategy for Whoppers helped one advertiser win big.
When people have gone from poor to rich, their purchasing decisions follow some key rules. Find out what they are, and how you can follow those rules to sell to the self-affluent.
To explode your live video engagement, follow these tips.
Getting a celebrity to invest in your vision as well as your business offers you more than just star power.
This online course shows you how to start a marketing ad agency for greater flexibility at work and at home.
Get your products ready for one of the biggest online shopping days of the year with these four tips.
Emailing surveys to customers was cool when email was a novelty, but those times are long past.
To build a 7-figure business with no experience, follow these four steps.
A real thought leader is simply someone who is known as someone who knows what they are talking about.
With the LGBTQ community becoming more mainstream throughout the U.S., these facts about the market will help you attract its affluent members.
Coachella wasn't just a media stunt in the desert -- it was a gold mine for marketers seeking experiential marketing ideas. Jump-start your event planning by exploring the many ways companies got Coachella right.
A virtual assistant named 'Angie' has done amazing things for cloud security company CenturyLink.
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