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To successfully scale a business, people are the key.
From giving gifts to increasing offerings, here are some ways to keep customers coming back.
The biggest obstacles facing every entrepreneur are within.
Ever compared yourself, as an entrepreneur, to the Spanish explorer Hernando Cort├ęs? Maybe you should start.
People aren't interested in your company, they're interested in what you can do for their company.
Your food, wardrobe, commute and household needs are generating lots of apps. Are you up on what's available?
Positioning with value is often the worst thing you can do. Learn the 95:5 formula.
Being a disrupter means being an example others can follow.
Children think Christmas will never come. Retailers know it will be here soon.
Here is some inspiration that might help you to develop your own WOW factor.
You can't change the past but if you focus on the present you can change your future.
More opportunities -- and more funding -- means more open doors.
Working lean in startup mode should not end when your business has moved to the next stage in its lifecycle.
When Dogfish Head created a hit beer, it did what seemed crazy at the time: It turned down sales.
Through careful planning and intentional living, your business can survive through some of the toughest obstacles life throws your way.
Be careful not to become the kind of owner afflicted with "shiny object syndrome."
Bigger business can mean bigger profits, but that shouldn't be your end goal.
It takes physical effort, technology and the right mindset to effectively manage everything there is to do.
Nobody goes from start to success without getting knocked back hard at least once.
The bigger your company grows the more fancy titles there are that have nothing to do with taking care of your customers.
You got the job -- now what?
Plus, why you should never cram too much information into your initial pitch.
Many cash-strapped startups abandon the "superfluous" investment of marketing. Big mistake, because marketing can actually provide that cash.
Non-HR executives can use the following DIY tools to win the hiring game.
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