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Make all the plans you want -- just know they're going to change.
You're not ready to launch your business until you can explain in 20 seconds or less how it helps someone.
This might be the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make.
Do you give in or get started on something new?
You need to believe in your idea if you're going to be successful.
To grow, you've got to spend. But where does the money come from?
Greg Rollett and Brandon Adams travel to La Crosse, Wis., a small river town, to see how entrepreneurs in this city have used the power of community to turn their ideas into thriving businesses.
One of the most desirable small business loans is from a lender who genuinely wants to help you.
First things first: Ask the lender exactly why you were denied. Then, try, try again.
The number of solo entrepreneurs and partnerships hitting seven-figures rose 33 percent since 2011.
Attracting valuable clients requires that you invest in revenue drivers, existing clients -- and yourself
Are you strong enough to push through early struggles?
We caught up with Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot at CES this week to talk about changes in crowdfunding and what to expect next.
A lack of "real" jobs turned into a big opportunity for these college friends.
Investing is all about relationships, and this founder wants to help you build yours.
It's time to stop ignoring the entrepreneurs in "flyover country."
Dropping out to start your business may not be right for all entrepreneurs.
Consider a solid building with character over a new construction.
Forty percent of owners surveyed said that, if they had extra cash, they would immediately reinvest in the business rather than pay themselves.
The co-founders of Rebel Coast Winery don't worry about following the rules.
Remember to renew and "police" your trademark registration, because if you don't use it, you lose it.
A healthy sense of your own strengths and weaknesses cautions against hiring your own Mini-Me.
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