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A rising price of gold and silver in US dollars, euros, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, etc. means this: the higher the price of this precious metal, the lower the exchange value of official currencies
Latest detonation comes in 'migrant ghetto' of Växjö
Macron reportedly backing Greece's sovereignty over its territorial waters
Twitter promotes doxxing, violent left-wing rhetoric, and actual fake news.
Austinites unite to protest park closures!
Billionaire eugenicist admits globalists to continue holding world hostage until vaccine arrives.
Major guests include Roger Stone, Laura Loomer and Robert Barnes
Top globalist waging war on Trump.
Morning Joe co-host's ravings follow 'ditzy airhead' insults from President Trump.
Says drug highly effective if administered early in disease's progression
'There are a lot of people that think that he is not being treated fairly.'
China, meanwhile, is suspending Hong Kong's "legal assistance" treaty with other countries
Judges say hi-cap magazines are "commonly owned and typically used for lawful purposes."
This is the first indictment in the investigation into the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign.
'No law-abiding citizen should be wrongfully denied the basic right to bear arms.'
'Talk about the mask as a superpower to use against the 'bad guys,' a.k.a. the coronavirus.'
Also, reporters set to release film about shadow network system get arrested! Share this link!
"Retrieving memories is an active process that can bias and even distort our memories"
Finding may provide new understanding of why immunotherapy works in some cases but not others
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