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The presidential limousine, known to many as “The Beast,” led the field of drivers on a pace lap at the Daytona 500.
“Bail reform, it's lit!” Barry said. “It's the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me."
Bloomberg would go as far as moving his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida, so that he and Clinton are not from the same state during the race.
“This is the crossover of one of the ugliest bits of capitalism with one of the most sinister things in our time.”
This is one live edition of the Alex Jones Show you don't want to miss as Trump storms Daytona, Hillary and Bloomberg join forces to try to stop American recovery.
Pathogen could effect the course of the U.S. election if government doesn't address growing threat.
Socialist candidate says execution device a 'symbol of the work we have to do.'
Admission appears to confirm that Assange's detention is a political, not criminal, matter.
Hillary believes she has three covert roads to the White House.
'It can fool the test kit – there were cases they found, CT scan shows both lungs fully infected but test came back negative four times,' says scientist.
'Maybe I can get the whole country to behave!' says Bloomberg as he floats in the air.
Watch & share the link below to discover how Barr has tipped his Deep State hand against Trump, signaling the globalists' next move
He would be the only person keeping Hillary Clinton from the presidency if she became his running mate.
The hypothetical Democrat ticket would represent the worst the establishment has to offer.
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