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Guidelines for Listing Your Business

Guidelines for Listing Your Business

     I want to make this as simple as possible. If you are a born again Christian (I am defining that by the Statement of Faith that can be found in the FAQs) then you are welcome to list your business here.

  • Review the Statement of Faith - if you are in agreement with it then:
  • Register as a User. Your information is private. I will not sell or share your information at anytime with anybody.
  • Under the Links Tab click on top menu, select "Submit Your Link"  Your website MUST indicate that it is operated by a Christian (have a Christian symbol, have your testimony, or some indication of your faith). If you have a valid reason for NOT being able to share your faith on your website I am open to discussion on it.
  • If you do not see a category that is relevent to your business, please list it under "General." As the website grows I will be building the heirarchy of categories. Ultimately you will be able to list in up to 10 categories.
  • The link will need to be manually approved before it is visible.

I am open to suggestions. Registered users should be able to fill out the contact form.... I am leaving the website open to reviews and comments. I think you may even be able to comment on this article.

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