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Christian Website Designers & Marketing Providers
The #1 Christian Provider of Online Marketing Solutions for Small Business and Non-profits.
Paul Anderson Youth Home
Paul anderson youth home offers stellar programs for troubled young men aged 16 to 21 in georgia.
The Master's Locksmith
The Master's Locksmith provides Locksmith sales & services online with 60+ years combine experience.The Master is the Lord Jesus Christ. The locksmith is Marc Grizzard and the owner is Beth Grizzard
Managers of Their Homes
Sells Managers of Their Homes, a book by Steve and Teri Maxwell about homeschool scheduling for Christian families.
Internet Filter | Christian Internet Services | Clean Internet
The Internet Is Dangerous, Get a Christian Internet Filter and Protect Your Family Today! Internet Filtering Secure and Simple. Read our reviews Today!

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5 Tips for Crowdfunding During the Pandemic
Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo report people are continuing to support fundraising projects. Here's how to adjust your funding strategy for the times. Â
The Left Eat Their Own: ANTIFA/BLM Civil War In The Streets Of Downtown Austin
Far-left groups descend into squabbling and infighting after violent plan to overthrow city collapses.
Actor Wilford Brimley Dies At 85
Mustachioed actor known for roles in hit films like 'Cocoon' and 'The Thing', as well as Quaker Oats and American Diabetes Association commercials.
Clearly Making It Clear: Grunyons Invade Congress Episode 9
Will the Grunyons have what it takes to stand up to Big Tech 4?
SATURDAY BROADCAST: Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s Emergency Warning To President Trump
Plus, in-depth coverage of Antifa's attempted armed takeover in Austin.

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Guidelines for Using the Website
     This is a Christian website. A Christian is defined by my statement of faith and that is NOT open for discussion or debate!      Anyone is free to look around. Only Christians may register for full use of
Guidelines for Listing Your Business
     I want to make this as simple as possible. If you are a born again Christian (I am defining that by the Statement of Faith that can be found in the FAQs) then you are welcome to list your business here.Review the Statement of
Statement of Faith
This document defines the definition of "Christian" to be listed in this website!
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